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About us

SozzisArt is the collective of artists and creatives gathered in the name of Alessio.

The purpose of the Collective is to continue to flow the artistic-creative vein of Sozzi. In this process, the pictorial and sculptural works of Alessio Sozzi, who worked in Italy and abroad between 1946 and 2007, are remediated through the creativity of the SozzisArt Collective supported by AI and Blockchain technology, becoming unique, material and digital artifacts: aggregates of atoms shaped a century ago by the hands of Alessio Sozzi, today creatively re-created and reassembled in unique and irreproducible bit configurations, in an equally unique combination of intentions, tradition and innovation, drive, creativity, blood and affections.

From Manifesto SozzisArt


To give new life to the art of Alessio Sozzi by creating new works starting from those created by the Master.

From Manifesto SozzisArt


Explore the creative possibilities of new technologies and Artificial Intelligence to generate new works starting from the creative DNA present in Sozzi’s works and in our blood.

From Manifesto SozzisArt


To immortalize Sozzi’s creativity by collecting its artistic heritage in a passage of witness at the turn of two millennia.

From Manifesto SozzisArt


Making available to collectors around the world, works characterized not only by a high artistic value but also bearers of a symbolic historical value destined to be enriched over time.

Enter the Inverso Multiverse

A collection of unique NFTs born from a creative process that spanned two centuries and two millennia. A new creative cosmogony in a kaleidoscope of digital multiverses.

The Collection is Available

On Air

Daniel Barenboim

“Every great work of art has two faces, one for its own time and one for the future, for eternity.”

We use the most innovative technologies to give new life to the visionary, fascinating and topical creativity of Maestro
Alessio Sozzi.

High resolution digitization

To acquire the material works produced in the last century by Alessio Sozzi and give them new life in the digital universe.

3D Modeling

To give new life to Sozzi’s sculptural works by digitally shaping them in a fascinating passage of artistic and creative witness.

Generative Artificial Intelligence

The powerful artificial intelligence algorithms of the latest generation to recreate, starting from the creative legacy of Sozzi, new works in an extraordinary combination between human creativity and that of machinery.

NFT and Blockchain

To make the works of Sozzi and the SozzisArt Collective unique and unfalsifiable and to make them available to the community of collectors and lovers of digital and material art.

Artistic projects

Sozzi's artistic production has already inspired several creative re-elaborations of his works

Coming soon.

Enter the Inverso Multiverse Collection

We share the same existence, made up of spatial abysses, evanescent shapes and shades; we are part of a single Universe: tragic and enchanting, hovering between dream and reality.

Working on.

Mother of the Universe Collection

Woman is the place where life finds eternity. It is attributed an ecological value, a metaphor for a maternal nature that takes care and protegge ogni esistenza.

Working on.

Reminiscences of Nature Collection

A saudade where the exasperation of the subjects leads us into the wandering evanescence of the innermost landscapes of Sozzi: the memories of a Nature that has been and that will no longer be.

On Air.

Enter the Inverso Multiverse Collection

We share the same existence, made up of spatial abysses, evanescent shapes and shades; we are part of a single Universe: tragic and enchanting, hovering between dream and reality.

The Original Artist

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Career years

Alessio Sozzi, born in Tuscany in 1920, was a painter and sculptor who, during a career that spanned the 20th century, made over 130 exhibitions around the world. His pictorial and sculptural works are exhibited in museums, private collections, churches and public spaces, in Italy and abroad. Towards the end of the 1960s, his overflowing creativity exploded into a real cosmogony of material pictorial works evocative of chromatic universes as fantastic as they were exciting. And it is from these works that, in the new millennium, the SozzisArt collective creates, through the project presented here, a new artistic cosmogony In-versa, with NFT digital works.


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