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Creative Cosmogony and Stardust

The reality described by the dominant physics at the time of Sozzi’s birth was very different from the current one. The universe was thought to be unique, relatively small and made up only of matter visible through the instruments of time.

Within this cultural scenario, Sozzi has, since the 1960s, given life, with the overflowing power of his own inspiration, to a real creative cosmogony by painting, with a technique invented by himself, a large number of paintings representing glimpses of the universe dotted with chromatic objects and dust of stars. A material painting, his own, made on different supports, with brushes produced by himself.

The Informals of the '60s and' 70s

Only if we can see the universe as a whole in which each part reflects the whole and in which the great beauty lies in its diversity, will we begin to understand who we are and where we are.

Tiziano Terzani

Italian Author

Year 2024

Dark Energy and Expanding Multiverses

Contemporary physics refers us to an image of a rapidly expanding universe, made mainly of dark energy, in which visible matter represents only a small percentage of its total mass. But above all it suggests the possibility of multiple universes, if not infinitely numerous: the Multiverse.

In this new scientific imaginary, the SozzisArt collective carries forward the original cosmogony of Alessio Sozzi by exploding his original works in a creative project consisting of a multiverse of works no longer material but composed of “invisible” energy as are the bits that make up digital works.

Informals of the year 2024

I believe we exist in a Multiverse of Universes.

Michio Kaku

American Physicist

Where it all begins

the beginning of an Artist

Alessio Sozzi is 17 years old when, in 1937, he painted his first figurative painting.

A Look at the Surrounding World

the Figurative Period

Over the course of 30 years of activity Sozzi produces an incredible amount of figurative works both pictorial and sculptures, using the most diverse techniques and materials.

Beyond the Boundaries of sky

the creative cosmogony of Alessio Sozzi

Just as supernovae are generated, one of the most extraordinary phenomena in the universe, through the gravitational collapse of stellar matter that gives rise to an explosion of light and particles of unimaginable dimensions, so, in 1967, the figurativity and physical matter that Alessio had used and nurtured collapse inside him to re-emerge in an explosive creative impulse. A creative act capable of giving light to a real artistic cosmogony: the informal paintings that postpone the images of a universe made of chromatic and exciting and extremely evocative forms.

Beyond the Universe

the new cosmogony of the Multiverse

2024 is the year in which the SozzisArt Artistic Collective, whose blood literally flows that of Alessio, starts the project of continuation of the Master’s works giving life to a real new creative cosmogony. An artistic operation that, by exploding Sozzi’s spatial and material universe, multiplies him into a series of evocative digital works meta-verse parallel. Meta-verses, in line with some theories about the Multiverses of current physics, differ from the space imagined and painted in his time by Sozzi for small but fascinating chromatic inversions.


Unique Fragment Artworks


Unique Integral Artworks


Unique Original Artowrks

Inscribed on Ordinals

Inverso Multiverse Ordinals Collection

A collection of unique Ordinals born from a creative process that spanned two centuries and two millennia. Works that, taking up the artistic vein of Sozzi composed of evocative paintings from an imaginative universe, give rise to a new artistic cosmogony in a kaleidoscope of Digital Multiverses.


Collect Multiverses to access the NFT of their Universe and the Original physical framework.

Obtain the 9 NFTs from each Multiverse to receive their integral NFT and access the NFT of the related Universe and the Original physical picture painted by Sozzi over the past millennium.

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0 M


0 F



Entire Artworks have a resolution of 7200x5100

Achieve the Integral NFT

Collect the 9 fragments to get the full artwork.


The Fragment Artworks have a resolution of 4800x3400

Get the Original NFT

Collect the 3 Multiverse Artworks to purchase the NFT of the Original.

Unique Artworks

All NFTs in the collection are unique.

Get the Original Painting

Get the NFT of the original to buy the physical painting.

Explore Multiverse X

Explore Multiverse Y

Explore Multiverse Z

A materiality that endures

From Atoms to Bits,
from the Universe to the Multiverse

The concrete nature of the original work has guaranteed its digital reworking that preserves, in the different declensions, its own materiality, creating an evocative game of ambivalence between the digital world and the material world. In addition, the decomposition of the work into several parts (precisely with the aim of giving life to smaller works) was already a creative declination that the Artist practiced.

Focus on

9 Shards

The space of this Multiverse is divided into 9 sectors: recompose it in your Wallet to receive the NFT of the integral and be the guardian of this dimension of reality.

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0 F


Before After
All for one

the Original

Collect the space of the 3 Multiverses to access the NFT of the Original Universe created by Sozzi in the last century.

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0 M



Art critics

Excerpt from Criticism

The temperament of Alessio Sozzi is clearly dramatic: the artist shows it even when it opens to a cosmic vision, in which the sense of space, the free flow of the nebulae, the allusive reference to the lost passages of a humanity in exile offer the pretext for the evocation of a sort of limbo in which the soft suggestion to a relaxing luminosity is counterposed to the abrupt call of a condition at the bottom of which a dormant but not extinguished fire rises. And this situation is also reflected in the underwater visions played between reflections and magical shadows, indefinable apparitions and elusive presences.

Mario Monteverdi

Art Critic

Excerpt from Criticism

In the semantic ambiguity of the forms - spaces or sidereal fragments or marine flowers that appear - there is a vast latitude of meanings, of suggestions, like a play of the imagination, a leavening and transmuting of reality, a kind of magic mirror.

Elvio Natali

Art Critic

Excerpt from Criticism

It is the escape from materialistic reality that manifests itself through the decomposition, recomposition and wise juxtaposition of colors, liberated in cosmic space, with indistinct figurations that leave, to the observer, the possibility of its direct insertion to the point to be established, through speculative imagination and spiritual sensitivity, a real creative and interpretive collaboration.

Andrea Calderazzo

Art Critic

Concept Art


Concept Art of Multiverse X

It is the escape from materialistic reality that manifests itself through the decomposition, recomposition and wise juxtaposition of colors, liberated in cosmic space, with indistinct figurations that leave, to the observer, the possibility of its direct insertion to the point to be established, through speculative imagination and spiritual sensitivity, a real creative and interpretive collaboration.

Concept Art of Multiverse Y

In the creative reworking of the SozzisArt collective, the Y is a Multiverse symbolically dominated by a star that spreads dark light. Illuminated by the energy emanating from this physical paradox, Sozzi’s original paintings are redefined in unique, NFT-certified digital works, which while maintaining the colors of the original ones are inverse at the level of luminous irradiation.

Concept Art of Multiverse Z

The Multiverse Z is, in the artistic cosmogony of the SozzisArt collective, the one furthest from the original imagined and painted by Sozzi. Characterized by physical laws of dream derivation, it is composed of digital creative reworkings of the material works of the Artist extremely visionary and with high emotional intensity. An extreme and literally explosive in-version of the chromatic spectrum of the paintings from which they derive.

The Original Artist

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Exhibitions and Expositions


Career years

Alessio Sozzi, born in Tuscany in 1920, was a painter and sculptor who, during a career that spanned the 20th century, made over 130 exhibitions around the world. His pictorial and sculptural works are exhibited in museums, private collections, churches and public spaces, in Italy and abroad. Towards the end of the 1960s, his overflowing creativity exploded into a real cosmogony of material pictorial works evocative of chromatic universes as fantastic as they were exciting. And it is from these works that, in the new millennium, the SozzisArt collective creates, through the project presented here, a new artistic cosmogony In-versa, with NFT digital works.

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